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Stoned Naked is:

Cody Perryman * Vocals and Guitars  

Scott Huckabee * Vocals and Guitars  

Corey Neu  *  Bass 

Bill Bell  *  Drums


Our History

Stoned Naked is an American Heavy Stoner/Doom Metal band formed in Gainesville, Texas by singer and guitarist Cody Perryman and drummer Bill Bell. In its short time the band has gone through numerous lineup changes, most notably the addition of Scott Huckabee on second guitar and vocals after their first EP, The Society, and the addition of Michael Hayes on bass guitar after their first full length self-titled debut album.  Raised from the ashes of Red Dirt Metal pioneers, Texas Hippie Coalition, Indie country legend Tom McElvain Band, and juggernauts Fire in the Sky and Dawn Priest. 

Driven ever forward by their love of hard rock, and all things primal and instinctual.  Consumed by the passion of music, and driven mad from pure love of experience!   Straight up Hard Rock. Perfectly, imperfect.  Loud, nasty, and mean.  With grooves as thick as the haze in a hippies mind, and as intense as Texas summer night.  When asked why they do what they do, the answer was, “for the love of the purest music known to man, the only music made in the rhythm of the night!”  The lyrics are poised in the strength garnered from hard knock lives.  It speaks of the passion of growth, of lessons hard won, and the joy of the unknown.  The belief of the importance of the message in music is strong in Stoned Naked lyrics, buried in poetical form, allowing the listener the opportunity to grasp the pearl their moment in life necessitates.  A true black rose of music.  Oozing with Texas laden heavy blues, and spewing forth sounds likened to their influences, Motorhead, Danzig, The Obsessed, Mustasch, Corrosion of Conformity, and Black Sabbath.  Their sound, is an anarchistic call to the laws that are true only within the self.  A call to stand, fight, and take what is inherently yours.  


Our Sound

Stoned Naked, The Society EP, showcased a wide and varied taste in music.  From the driving hard rock of “Back There”, the southern sludge of “Blackwater”, the ballad “Lady Love”, to the death punk style of “Black Rose”.  Now, with their first full length, self-titled album, tracked, mixed, and produced by Cody Perryman at StellaRose Studio, Stoned Naked have laid down a raw and very real foundation of thick heavy guitars, powerful vocals, and a southern styled driving rhythm.  From the hard hitting opening track “Silent Night”, to the groove of “Funky Road Mamma”, all the way through the flash of “Sophia”. Stoned Naked paints a multifaceted ever changing picture of the Night.  Cast your eyes deep within, let your blood boil, and lose your chains.  Let the being within stretch forth and become as unbridled as the dark force that is Stoned Naked!


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Stoned Naked